Tuesday, 14 February 2012

happy birthday my sayangss! :)

Posted by amira aripin at 3:08 am

assalamualaikum w.b.t.......

epy birthday to you..
epy birthday to you..
epy birthday to syura n pina..
epy birthday to yooouuu!!!!

waa...dah tue da housemte ak yg 2 owg nie..da 20 da..haha..
epy birthday my lovely roomte n ex-roomte..hehe..
well..im not too good at wishing birthday..
but yeah im gonna try my besh to wish.. ;)

ok..first of all i'll start wif my lovely syura.. <3
she's such an awesome roomte..
me love her soo much..
muahx! muahx! muahx!
and of course..
rjin stdy owg nyer...
*nk compare ngan me yg mls cket nk stdy nie, huh mlu nyer..hehe..
and kuat membebel jugak..haha..
*jgn mara yee t cpt tue..hee..
but after all she has such a kind heart..
when im sad..
when i failed..
when im angry..
when i felt like giving up..
when im in dilemma..
she always gve me her support n advises...
her opinion...
her thoughts...
i do appreciate it a lot..<3
thanks dear..
may ALLAH bless u..
epy 20th birthday!
syura dah tue..kte mude g..hahaha..*evil laugh*

now we move on to my dear pinoti...haha..
my ex-roomate..my bus-mate... <3
she's wonderful..
and rjen stdy gak cm syura..
and not to forget..
her bat-like-sleep cycle...hahaha.. :p
sooo unique..
and she's also very funny..
wif her gelabah n blur2 face..
haha..and of course she's nice..
1 thing bout her...
she never cares about what other people says..
she just wear what she wanna wear..
just do what she wanna do..
she's just being herself..
love it! <3
and of course slaloo dengar my story tyme jdk my roomte..
haha..dengar my merepekness...
slaloo wake me up...
and slimutkan me..
omg..sumpah terharu..
me love u!.. <3
i noe u love me 2 ryte? haha
*syok sendiri*
soo..may ALLAH bless u dear..
happy 20th birthday..
live ur life to the fullest..
be strong..be happy..be urself... :))

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

waaa...i manage to write the birthday wishes..
congrates to me.. :p
and lastly.....
hope our friendship stay forever..even stonger..
*nnty klu da nk kwin jgn lupe jmpt ak..sit vvip tawh..haha..*
(gler xde kaitn nyer..ttbe kwin..haha)

<3 <3 <3

p/s : so so so soorryyyy coz ak x wish korg pown kn..actly sje wat cm uh..soo surprise!!!..erm..ke x?..xkre wat2 t'peranjat gak!..hahaha..

p/s/s : me sooo sweettt kn..korg terharu x?? :))


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly appreciated...do come again.. :)

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