Thursday, 15 March 2012

to : en. boyfie

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ermm...nothing to write actly...
jst wanna say sory to my dearest man...
coz im kinda bz dis week...
cian dye...
da lah ngah cuty but then im bz...
kinda sad actly...
but what to do..
i've to get dis done..
sory b..

n me soo tired kowt..
dah la ngah blaja infection n immunity..
which is hard..*miss prameela ckp la*
with all the bacteriaaaa...
n with dr A nyer lctre yg ermmm..........
tp xsmpt nk stdy pape pown lg nieh..
hndle prog nie is sgt pent!
n jdk ajk prog n xtvt is super duper penat!!
sumph lps nie xnk jdk dah..aih..

skunk nie xdpt tdo ngan proper pown..
asyk ttdo jeq..
siap ttdo uma kwn g sbb plan xtvt..
then bgun pg2 shock sbb de kt uma dye...hahaha..
*sbb xbse tdo uma owg*
pg td lg dsyt...
bgn2 jeq pg uh kaki cramp...
omg! cket kowt..

esk kne bgn awl pg...huu..
nk kne msk2...
for raising fund.....
erm..b tlg syg leh???
xsuh tlg msk pown..
nk mnx tlg kjut pg esk jeq..
n cnfrm sdp nyer....n mnjdi...
smpy aty kte owg xrety msk...huwaaaa...
ok i admit lah xblaja g msk2 nie..
but stil if i mke sumthng..sdp kowt..proven k!.. 
*blueekkk :P *
hahahaha..ok me soo childish...heee..

pape pown...
im so so so sory coz xdpt nk luangkn mse for u..
i miss u hby..
sumpah rindooo! tp nk wat cmne kn..
soo please bear wif it jst a few more days k..
n then i'm yours..hee..
i loovee u b!!
do wait for me k...
hee.. :)

p/s : mke sure kli nie kjut tawh..klu x im dead!..seriously..huu..thanks b.. <3


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

for my one and only..

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today is the most special day...
u know y??
it's because..............
today is the day..
when my love one was born....
the most important person in my life after my family..
the one dat i love..dat i miss..
so so so much! <3

epy burfday b!!
thanks for being born..
thanks for becoming my other half...
thanks a lot to his parents who gave birth to such a wonderful person..
and who have raised him until he become such a kind awesome man in my life..
and such a handsome man.. :))

encem kn? hee <3

soo..dear hubby....
im wishing you the warmth of a beautiful day, 
and the happiness of knowing how special you are! <3
you have such a special place in my life
that you've had from the very start..
whenever you need me..
do call and i'll be there by your side.. :))
and no matter where you are
you'll still be in my heart..
now..forever..and always!..
i love u b..
and when i tell you 'i love u' i really do!
i don't say it out of habit..
or just to make a conversation..
i say it to remind you dat you are the best thing that ever happen to me!!
soo..i love u b! soooo much!!

si dia anta arie uh..soo sweet kn..i got his pic in my purse too..
soo basically im sweett too..haha.. dpt ckp ngan si dia t'sayang nih..
and then dye ckp dye ngah attend wedding...
then dye ckp..
"syg nnty ble kte nikah, b nk gne mic bagi sume owg dga n then siap takbir lg sbb epy cgt"
hahaha..soo sweet..
n then dye ckp lg...
" b pown dah set rumah dah cmne tyme kte nikah nnty, nk bg sume owg nmpk kte..klu boleyy nk letak syg ats pentas"
hahaha..excited nyer lah pkwe kte nie..siap da ckp ngan his sis lg..haha..
you are soo sweet dear hby..
saayyyaaanngg b!!..

i hope our relation would grow stronger each day..
after all those things dat we've gone through..
i hope we'll stay together..
no matter how hard it is..
im gonna stay by your side...
im not gonna give up...
and i hope u'll do the same thing..

soo come closer..
heard that?
i said...
i love u forever baby..
epy 20th birthday...
may allah bless u love..
may there be bursting happiness all life long..
may the angels guard u..
may there be peace and calm..
may all your dreams come true! 
and smile always... :)

for u :)

ermm...actly my plan was to mke a video for u..
but then due to some technical probs n also bcoz of my coming eom...
soo i didnt have enough time to mke it..
soo soryy..
*bru nk jdk romantik tp xdpt...hahaha..
soo..i'll replace it wif dis one..
hope u'll like it..
*pleeasee click the link below k 

happy birthday my beloved hubby :)

p/s : im so sorry bcoz im not there to celebrate ur 20th birthday...but do know that u are always in my my mind..have a wonderful birthday k.. <3


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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