Friday, 4 November 2011


Posted by amira aripin at 11:12 pm

and assalamualaikum....ryte now im not in the very epy mood..
ermmm..well....i failed my eom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
omg!!! was soo scary!!..sooo sad!!!...ashamed!!..
this is the 1st tyme in my life that i failed!!..
i dunno what to say..
its 20% for final...
can i past it??..
only allah knows..........
hopefully i can..aminnnnnn...

ermm...soo today i nk luahkn my feelings!!..

well when they announced the result i still tried to smile..
im trying really2 hard not to burst out...
but somehow when i came home my tears start to flow non-stopped!..
i was soo sad...only allah knows how sad i am.. :(

well...i really2 hoped for that 'someone' to comfort me...
but somehow he's not!!..
he's doing nothing... :(

its the other 'someone' who comfort me..
makes me laughed...
makes me epy...
give me adviced...
be there for me..
care for me..

i dunno if i can get through this if u're not comforting me..supporting me.. 
even though u're bz, not well, fasting n all u'll always tried to make me epy..
i really2 appreciate it... :)

thanks to that 'someone' coz i felt a lil better.. 
thanks for always be by my side..
when im sad or epy...
thanks for your care...
thanks for everything....
i love u dear frenz... :)

still..the one that i really2 hoped was not there for me..
its like im not important in that 'someone' lyfe..
well..mybe im not.. :(
maybe that 'someone' doesnt really care for me...
its sad when u told someone that u failed n that someone do nothing!!..
as if nothing happen..
hello its my first tyme okayy..
cant u imagine how hard it was for me..
i really2 need someone by my side to comfort support me..
and i really2 hope its u...
omg...i felt like my heart was broken into pieces... :'((

oh allah, pleaseee give me the strength......aminn..

okayy..enough wif just broken my heart more n more..
still i was really2 thankful to my beloved family n besh friend, my lovely housemte, n others who tried to comfort me..always by my side..i really2 appreciate it..thanks soo much!!..
i love u guys soo much!!...

its tough but im trying to get used to it.. :)

p/s : still crying while making this entry... :'((


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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