Thursday, 29 September 2011

my disastrous morning!!

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hey guys..okayy entry kli nie i nk story bout pagi td yg cgt lah disaster..hohoho..
bley plak kitowg (me n my roomte bgn lmbt!)...
omg..mmg haru lah kn..
kitowg bgn kul 6 kowt..
errr..actly xde lah lmbt ne pown but to us its like omg!!!!..lmbt nyer..
da lah arie nie cls kul 8.. -..-

y i said it was late for us?..
okayy sbb bilik air kat bilik kitowg uh nk kne share between the three of us..
ble kul 6 bru nk bgn nk mndy bygkn r pkul brpe bru ak dpt mndy..huhu..
rse nyer ak g mndy kul 6 lbey kowt..
pas uh nk siap2 g...hee..
n my bju yg da bsuh uh nk kne sidai g..
soo many things to do in such a short tyme...
cne lah ak x kte disaster kn..

n the main reason was bcoz today is my PBL..
n my fc is like aummmm...hahaha..
but she's nice..
it just that she's soo strict..
but its for our own good ryte..
soo its okay for me.. :)

okayy snce today is my 3rd PBL..
we hve to do the cncept map n notes for our learning issues 
n prepare our self with the knowledge bout sickle cell anemia... 
bout its causes, symptom, treatment, management, lab test, how it cause jaundice, non-healing ulcer and all lah yg related to the disease and also bout protein..
since hemoglobin is made up of protein.. wat lagi!!..
bgn2 jeq trus g kat meja study tok wat concept map... 
(sementara tggu diowg abes mndy )
nie sume sbb mlm uh ngntuk glerrr n t'tdo...
engt nk bgn pg uh dlm kul 3 pg but bley plak i x bgn kn...
b4 nie t'jge jeq kul 3 uh..adoyaiii...

soo..i just dpt ciapkn my concept map jeq..
n my notes x!!!..
da la my group kne anta bnde alh uh coz our fc nk..
nseb bek mlm uh b4 t'tdo da crik2 da n da dscuss psl my learning issues uh soo just tggl nk tulis jeq lah an..
tp pnjg kowt..n nk kne photocopied g...
errr...but alhamdulillah smpt!!..ahahaha..
tp bnyk gak lah i cut sbb klu nk tulis sume mmg i lmbt lah for my PBL uh kn..
but i explain everything lah when i presented it.. :)
(but i almost late lah for my PBL..dgn t'salh nek tgge nyer..soo slah blek..i went to 2 blek b4 i jmpe my PBL room..omg da la pky wedges yg soo tggi..smpy kat blek PBL uh t'cungap2 heart siap dup dap dup dap g..huhu..)

n after i finished explain my part..
my fc was smiling..
n i ask y..
n guess what..
she said good..
omg i love her lah...hahaha.. ^^
but thanks to our fareez cleo coz tlg photostat kn for me..
love u lah oink oink..ahaha.. -..-

soo....after i da ciap concept map uh of course i have to take my bath ryte..
n then ble kua jeq from bathroom uh..
i was like...syura nk jerit bley..
then syura kte jeritlah...
my housemte blek blkg kte "ko ker yg jerit uh"..ahaha..

then i b'siap sepnts kilat kowt..hehe..over plak..
well i tried my best tok siap cpt2 tawh..
but somehow i x engt ne i letak my manik or whatever u all call kt my selendang uh..
coz b4 this dye cam t'cabut soo nk avoid ilang i smpn..
tp xengt kat ne....huhu...
i da crik pg td but xjmpe..sobss..sobss..
haru gler kn...huhu..
n nk tukar tudung of course  lah x smpt kn..
soo i just cover it up..hahaha..
soo clever of me kn..haha.. :)

thats the end of my disastrous morning..haha..
after that g cls okayy lah kn since she puji me..ngee..
soo epy.. :D

p/s : thanks to zul hilmi for helping me even though he was sleepy last nyte... :) 

p/s/s : td pina mamai..ahaha..zu kejut dye bgn kte da kul 7.30 (mlm)..then dye kte "arie nie clss kul bpe?"....ahahaha...pina pina..arie nie blom abes bpe jam g..^^

p/s/s/s : i cant get in touch with someone..n i need that someone..soo sad.. :'(

p/s/s/s/s : cant wait to watch vd..bru amek dr cleo..i bet syura pown x sbr love stefan..n damon too..but i love stefan more..haha.. :)

p/s/s/s/s/s : td bukak fb n i was like....<speechless> sad..i wanna cry but i've promised to myself that i would not cry bcoz of this thing..but still cdey cgt.. :'(

p/s/s/s/s/s/s : my feelings was like b'campur baur..haha..epy but then cdey..then epy blek n cdey blek..huhu..thanks to the one that mke me sad!.. :(

soo encem kn..hee..
after dis nk tgk vd..
tok ubat kesedihan n luka di aty..


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

mini test review :(

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okayyy..MINI test td cgt2 lah MINI..ahahaha..
sumpah xtawh pape..
rse cam seronok gler r men tembak2..hahaha..
seriously 1 pe pown yg kitowg bce x kua..
soaln dye completely len cgt...
haru haru btol ah...

taappiiii stil de yg btol tawh...
teror x skil ak men tembak menembak..ngeee...
sooo sespe yg xpndy men tembak2 nie ley dtg menuntut ngan ak..
cnfrm kowg ley score ngan jaya nyer..hahahaha..

okayy mengarut gler..hee..
bese ah shock after jwb test uh x abes g..hahaha..over jeq ak nie..
but its like an eye-opener ah tok kitowg yg 1st year nie an..

senior kte : xpe..kowg blom blaja g dats why rse cam uh..
t ble da abes blaja okayy lah uh.. :)

td tgk cte hammer session..
he's soo! ^^

p/s : lost 10 years of lyfe wat test uh..ahahaha.. -..-

p/s/s : wondering how's our final exam questions looks like.. ^^


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Monday, 26 September 2011

1st mini test

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esok de mini test for 6 topics which are soooo bnyk... lah cgt kn..hahaha..n bnyk x bce g...sobss..sobss..
it all thanks to my abdominal pain..huhu.. :'(
hope i can finish everything by tonight..
wish me luck k guys..
love u..

p/s : xde mse soo dpt tulis nie jeq..haha..lter i wat entry bru kay.. :)


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Friday, 9 September 2011

kiss me

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okayy im currently in love with this song..hee..
u noe y??..ouh u dont noe ryte..hee..
well there's sumone who dedicated this song for me..
wait i mean he mke a video for me..
he played a guitar n well he played this song..
and i think it was nice.. 
thanks a lot to him.. :)

i felt really2 grateful to have him by my side..
because he's always there when i need him..
when i feel like crying..
when im sad..
when im scared..
when im bored..
n all lah..

he'll always make me calm..
make me epy..
make me smile again..
make me laugh, laugh, n laugh.. :D

and he always lend his ears for me..
listened to every single things i told him..
my prob n all..
give me some advise..
give me like words of encouragement..

thanks a lot..
thanks for being my besh frenz..
thanks for being there for me..
thanks for everything..
seriously there's no one like u..hee..
love u.. :) 

seriously lgu nie besh kowt..
dye nyer music cm besh.. :)

p/s : well its kiss me soo to the readers dont think of anythg else okayy..think positive..hee.. :)


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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

soo bored soo lonely :(

Posted by amira aripin at 9:33 pm 0 comments da msok blaja blek...cuty da abes..n im bored!!..
soo is there anyone who can entertain me...??
n it feels soo quiet n weird when my phone doesn't ringing.. =.=
hope he already done with his work..
soo then he can text me.. 
chaiyok2 b.. :)
okayy already late for ana lulu..
nyte2 world :)
bubbye.. :P

p/s : i love u  <3


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Sunday, 4 September 2011

raye 2011

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ooooo mmmmm ggggg....lme gler lah x jnguk blog da b'sawang lah plak..hohoho..
bese lah..rye lah ktekn..msty lah bz..hehe..
b4 ak merepek pnjg2 ak nk wish 


kepada family tercnte, si dia t'sayang, my bestie, sahabat2 n kpda spe2 yg mengenali diri ini..aceceh..haha..


soo..dkesemptn ini, ku susun 10 jari memohon keampunan if de slah n silap ak slme nie kat kowg...sory k..n halalkn mkn n minum ak..*kpd sespe yg b'kenaan k..hehe..

ok..rye taon nie ak blek kampung ak kat pahang..
opss..rse cam tiap2 tahun mmg ak rye kat pahang pown...haha..
kampung kat pahang nie belah mak ak lah..
klu belah ayah ak kat negeri sembilan jeq..hehe..

rye taon nie special cket tawh..
haaa..nk tawh sbb pe???..

-sbb taon nie ak wat kueh rye sndri..all by myself tawh..jgn jeles..haha..
yg ak wat 4 jenis jeq..kueh seroja, tart, cornflakes madu, semperit..
ak nie wat kueh or bli kueh on bab nk mkn kueh rye uh cam xbpe nk mnat cgt lah..hehe..xtawh la npe..

-lg 1 sbb taon nie blek kg ak yg drive pergi n blek...hohoho..manual okayy..da lah jln dye isyh3..xtawh lah nk ckp pe..haha..bese lah jln kg yg ok n de yg x..n nk msok kat smpang kg ak uh lak bukit gler tegak..cuak r gak..tkowt x lps..ahaha..taapiii alhamdulillah lepas..yayy..ank ayah da besr k..hehe.. :)

-pas uh taon nie ak de mse yg cgt2 lah bnyk tok crik bju rye sume..smpy nk pth gak laa kaki ak nie crik bju rye..taappiii yg haru nyer ak da g sume kdai n butik sume tp xde pown yg ak b'kenan..haha..cerewet yang amat lah ak nie..soo kpd si dia nsib lah yee dpt ak..hehe..last2 amek jeq lah yg ne2..haha..

-n yg pling besh nyer ak stil dpt bnyk duet rye wlaupown da besar..hahahaha..ske nyer..okayy sila jeles..hehe.. ;)

-n lastly all my sedare belah mak g raye uma mk tiri ak..i loikee!..seriously ak syg my step mom uh n adik beradik ak wlaupown len to my dad coz sume aman n damai jeq..x cam dlm tv 2 lah yg gado jeq..hehe...butttt to my hubby-to-be no sharing is caring k..xnk kwen bnyk2..only me!..hehe..

-ekh wait de lg 1..sbb rye taon nie kitowg rmy2 g merisik for my cousin uh..b4 nie ak x pnh kowt g merisik2 nie..hehe..soo dah de experience lah skunk nie..err..ak nk g merisik spe lah plak kn..hahaha..n sbb rye taon nie ak romntik cgt..ahaha..okayy prsn!..hehe..n xde kaitan pown..hehe..

haa..kat bwah nie de gmba kitowg kat kg awek cousin ak uh..hehe..smpt gak nk b'gmba kn..weee...;)

kat sebelah uh spupu ak gak 
n adik kpd spupu ak yg nk merisik uh..

sooo...the end..ahaha..2 jeq lah yg ak nk merepek kali nie..hehe..
once again SELAMAT ARIE RAYE...

p/s : ak nk tulis camat arie rye bese ak tulis tp tkowt amirul faris mara..hehe..arie uh dye kte pnyer lah lme dye nk phmkn pe camat uh..huhu.. 

p/s/s : klu dpt bnyk duet rye ley bnk in kn spruh kat ak k..hehe.. >_<


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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