Tuesday, 27 September 2011

mini test review :(

Posted by amira aripin at 10:07 pm

okayyy..MINI test td cgt2 lah MINI..ahahaha..
sumpah xtawh pape..
rse cam seronok gler r men tembak2..hahaha..
seriously 1 pe pown yg kitowg bce x kua..
soaln dye completely len cgt...
haru haru btol ah...

taappiiii stil de yg btol tawh...
teror x skil ak men tembak menembak..ngeee...
sooo sespe yg xpndy men tembak2 nie ley dtg menuntut ngan ak..
cnfrm kowg ley score ngan jaya nyer..hahahaha..

okayy mengarut gler..hee..
bese ah shock after jwb test uh x abes g..hahaha..over jeq ak nie..
but its like an eye-opener ah tok kitowg yg 1st year nie an..

senior kte : xpe..kowg blom blaja g dats why rse cam uh..
t ble da abes blaja okayy lah uh.. :)

td tgk cte hammer session..
he's soo cute..like! ^^

p/s : lost 10 years of lyfe wat test uh..ahahaha.. -..-

p/s/s : wondering how's our final exam questions looks like.. ^^


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly appreciated...do come again.. :)

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