Thursday, 29 September 2011

my disastrous morning!!

Posted by amira aripin at 8:43 pm

hey guys..okayy entry kli nie i nk story bout pagi td yg cgt lah disaster..hohoho..
bley plak kitowg (me n my roomte bgn lmbt!)...
omg..mmg haru lah kn..
kitowg bgn kul 6 kowt..
errr..actly xde lah lmbt ne pown but to us its like omg!!!!..lmbt nyer..
da lah arie nie cls kul 8.. -..-

y i said it was late for us?..
okayy sbb bilik air kat bilik kitowg uh nk kne share between the three of us..
ble kul 6 bru nk bgn nk mndy bygkn r pkul brpe bru ak dpt mndy..huhu..
rse nyer ak g mndy kul 6 lbey kowt..
pas uh nk siap2 g...hee..
n my bju yg da bsuh uh nk kne sidai g..
soo many things to do in such a short tyme...
cne lah ak x kte disaster kn..

n the main reason was bcoz today is my PBL..
n my fc is like aummmm...hahaha..
but she's nice..
it just that she's soo strict..
but its for our own good ryte..
soo its okay for me.. :)

okayy snce today is my 3rd PBL..
we hve to do the cncept map n notes for our learning issues 
n prepare our self with the knowledge bout sickle cell anemia... 
bout its causes, symptom, treatment, management, lab test, how it cause jaundice, non-healing ulcer and all lah yg related to the disease and also bout protein..
since hemoglobin is made up of protein.. wat lagi!!..
bgn2 jeq trus g kat meja study tok wat concept map... 
(sementara tggu diowg abes mndy )
nie sume sbb mlm uh ngntuk glerrr n t'tdo...
engt nk bgn pg uh dlm kul 3 pg but bley plak i x bgn kn...
b4 nie t'jge jeq kul 3 uh..adoyaiii...

soo..i just dpt ciapkn my concept map jeq..
n my notes x!!!..
da la my group kne anta bnde alh uh coz our fc nk..
nseb bek mlm uh b4 t'tdo da crik2 da n da dscuss psl my learning issues uh soo just tggl nk tulis jeq lah an..
tp pnjg kowt..n nk kne photocopied g...
errr...but alhamdulillah smpt!!..ahahaha..
tp bnyk gak lah i cut sbb klu nk tulis sume mmg i lmbt lah for my PBL uh kn..
but i explain everything lah when i presented it.. :)
(but i almost late lah for my PBL..dgn t'salh nek tgge nyer..soo slah blek..i went to 2 blek b4 i jmpe my PBL room..omg da la pky wedges yg soo tggi..smpy kat blek PBL uh t'cungap2 heart siap dup dap dup dap g..huhu..)

n after i finished explain my part..
my fc was smiling..
n i ask y..
n guess what..
she said good..
omg i love her lah...hahaha.. ^^
but thanks to our fareez cleo coz tlg photostat kn for me..
love u lah oink oink..ahaha.. -..-

soo....after i da ciap concept map uh of course i have to take my bath ryte..
n then ble kua jeq from bathroom uh..
i was like...syura nk jerit bley..
then syura kte jeritlah...
my housemte blek blkg kte "ko ker yg jerit uh"..ahaha..

then i b'siap sepnts kilat kowt..hehe..over plak..
well i tried my best tok siap cpt2 tawh..
but somehow i x engt ne i letak my manik or whatever u all call kt my selendang uh..
coz b4 this dye cam t'cabut soo nk avoid ilang i smpn..
tp xengt kat ne....huhu...
i da crik pg td but xjmpe..sobss..sobss..
haru gler kn...huhu..
n nk tukar tudung of course  lah x smpt kn..
soo i just cover it up..hahaha..
soo clever of me kn..haha.. :)

thats the end of my disastrous morning..haha..
after that g cls okayy lah kn since she puji me..ngee..
soo epy.. :D

p/s : thanks to zul hilmi for helping me even though he was sleepy last nyte... :) 

p/s/s : td pina mamai..ahaha..zu kejut dye bgn kte da kul 7.30 (mlm)..then dye kte "arie nie clss kul bpe?"....ahahaha...pina pina..arie nie blom abes bpe jam g..^^

p/s/s/s : i cant get in touch with someone..n i need that someone..soo sad.. :'(

p/s/s/s/s : cant wait to watch vd..bru amek dr cleo..i bet syura pown x sbr love stefan..n damon too..but i love stefan more..haha.. :)

p/s/s/s/s/s : td bukak fb n i was like....<speechless> sad..i wanna cry but i've promised to myself that i would not cry bcoz of this thing..but still cdey cgt.. :'(

p/s/s/s/s/s/s : my feelings was like b'campur baur..haha..epy but then cdey..then epy blek n cdey blek..huhu..thanks to the one that mke me sad!.. :(

soo encem kn..hee..
after dis nk tgk vd..
tok ubat kesedihan n luka di aty..


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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