Friday, 9 September 2011

kiss me

Posted by amira aripin at 10:16 am

okayy im currently in love with this song..hee..
u noe y??..ouh u dont noe ryte..hee..
well there's sumone who dedicated this song for me..
wait i mean he mke a video for me..
he played a guitar n well he played this song..
and i think it was nice.. 
thanks a lot to him.. :)

i felt really2 grateful to have him by my side..
because he's always there when i need him..
when i feel like crying..
when im sad..
when im scared..
when im bored..
n all lah..

he'll always make me calm..
make me epy..
make me smile again..
make me laugh, laugh, n laugh.. :D

and he always lend his ears for me..
listened to every single things i told him..
my prob n all..
give me some advise..
give me like words of encouragement..

thanks a lot..
thanks for being my besh frenz..
thanks for being there for me..
thanks for everything..
seriously there's no one like u..hee..
love u.. :) 

seriously lgu nie besh kowt..
dye nyer music cm besh.. :)

p/s : well its kiss me soo to the readers dont think of anythg else okayy..think positive..hee.. :)


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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