Thursday, 13 October 2011

love story

Posted by amira aripin at 6:34 am

morning guys...
*since i made this entry sooo early in the morning*
haha..xde kje gler kn.. t'bangun soo engtkan nk study lah..
but then rse cam omg! boring gler...
haha..asl bukak buku jeq boring kn..
soo wat lah kje2 yg x b'faedah n x beri pape manfaat pown tok EOM ak next week..
huhuhu..bnyk gler x stdy g...!!!
suddenly rse cam cuak..
but then still buang mse gak..hohoho...

then i found a few vid that captured my heart..
soooo i just wanna share this one video..
*yg len nnty2 lah k..hehe..*
well its about a love story between 2 besh frenz.. :)
me like touched gler kowt tgk vid nie..
okayy not really touched laa but...........
ermm...dunno lah...
just watch this vid k..
*do forgve me coz otak x bpe nk btol pg2 bute nie*

actly cdey part yg that girl ditgglkn oleh that boy...huhu..
cian dye..lme kowt.. :(

okaayy..dats all..bubbye..


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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