Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Posted by amira aripin at 4:14 pm

Finally, I got the chance to watch harry potter!!..hahahaha...
errr..actually I watched it last week but only now I got the chance to write because of the ‘m’ diseases..hahaha..tawh x pnykt 'm' 2 ape?..haa x tawh g tnye doc..ngee.

Well to me I think it was awesome...err...ye ker??...bley la kowt..haha..I just felt that reading the book lg besh r coz it was more details...but never mind...coz klu nk cte details mmg lme lah kn...yg nie pown da 2 jam 10 min..klu details agk2 nyer bpe jam la ek..huhu..

But then I felt kind of sad because harry potter was already ended...huwargghhh..
i like it sooo much kowt..u can say that I’m addicted to harry potter..hahaha...
mcm pe jeq nk addicted2 nieh kn..haha..xpe la..ske aty ak lah kn..ngee..

“kn bgs klu dlm dunie nie btol2 de Hogwarts soo t ak ley blaja kat situ...msty besh!..
ley wat magic...nk wat keje sekolah/uma pown senang...hohoho.”

Haa..yg uh ayt ak mse ngah jahil kecik2 lu..hahaha..comey nyer lah ak wktu kecik2 dlu...jgn jeles aaa..kah3..

Soo, harry potter da kwen ngan ginny, ron ngan hermione, ak ble plak ek??..haha..yg uh we leave it to Allah. He knows better. ^^

p/s : sory da tgk dulu...2 lah owg uh bz cgt..hee..

dats all
with love


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly appreciated...do come again.. :)

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