Wednesday, 20 July 2011

my BFF

Posted by amira aripin at 3:37 pm

last Saturday ak ngan bff ak erni ngan am went out together...i think we haven't hanged out for ages..haha..n kitowg nie knl mmg da lme ah..since primary school g r..

ok our original plan nk tgk Sekali Lagi but unfortunately xde..hahaha..kecewa seyh..sob..sob..haha..poyo jeq..soo kitowg decide nk tgk Flat 3A jeq lah kn..

well cte dye not bad gak r..bley laa..haha..

satu, satu....sye syg awk..
dua, dua...awk syg sye..
tiga, tiga...syg sme2..
satu, dua, tiga...syg selamanya...

lagu fav erni..mlm2 before tdo dye nyanyi lagu nie r..bru ley tdo lena..btol x erni??..ngeee..

after that kitowg g jln2, mkn2 n not to forget men bowling..haha..

seriously i miss u guys soo much!!!!

I love youu guyss!!
best frenz forever

p/s : next time kte kua lg yekk..hee..^^

dats all
with love


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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