Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Posted by amira aripin at 12:20 am

hey guys..ok as u all know i had my practical lab test today..while we were waiting outside the room, suddenly the other group came out n then one of my group mate ask him....

weyh cne..??
sush x..??

then he replied...

sush!..dye msok kn endocrine system skli..bek kowg bce..huhu

huh..what the heck!

soo kitowg pown ngan gelabah plus x puas aty nyer recall la blek bout endocrine system..haih..ttbe jeq dye ley msok kn skli endo uh..ne bley..frst2 kte msok heart ngan blood vessels jeq..
nk wat cne kn..redha jeq laaa..huhu..

then..ting..the bell ringing..its my turn!!..

huhu..cuak gler..

i entered the room and begin to answer all of the questions..
and finally i pass up the paper and waited for the others..

soo..do pray for me..hopefully i can get high marks..amin....

thats all..
adios amigos..
love, miera


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly appreciated...do come again.. :)

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