Sunday, 3 April 2011

where are u :(

Posted by amira aripin at 6:10 am

oh my dear broadband what should i do??..i couldnt find u..sob..sob..i think i misplaced it..
but the problem is i dont remember where i put it..

ok im not that sad..haha..

i had search the entire room to find it but the results was frustrating ..
i dont have any idea where it is..hotoke??

ok..this is not me..
its just some pic that i've downloaded..

this pic too..hehe..
and i had searched under my bed but its not there..

where are u..??

dear god, i hope U would give me a clue where is my broadband..
i need it ryte now as wifi was sooo slow!..
it takes a day to finish download one episode..huh..

ok..its enough..haha..hopefully i can find my broadband..
and i hope pina, my roomate could help me to search for it when she come back from kedah..
*i think soo..i dont really remember whether she went to kedah or perak..huhu..
i think thats all for now..i wanna go to bed..huhu..
nyte2..sweet dreamzzz guys..=)

dats all
with love


thanks for reading...likes and comments are highly come again.. :)

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